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Wii is going to reinvent the gaming experience

Oh my goodness. This is amazing.

The videos in this series leave little doubt that the wii controller is going to reinvent the home gaming experience.

This isn’t pong, folks. I’m not sure exactly what it is, because I’m just watching videos of it and reading about it now, but I’m thinking it will take interactive gaming to a whole different level. We haven’t had to share warnings like this one when playing our Gamecube! 🙂

Just in case you’re needing a translation:


Thanks to Devin Henley for the video link!






2 responses to “Wii is going to reinvent the gaming experience”

  1. Raj Avatar

    I certainly agree with you there. I was talking about it with my brother yesterday and we were joking that Nintendo has given in to the way that people played the original NES throwing the controller left and right to move Mario about.

    But what I think Wii will really do is provide that kinematic element to the VR experience to improve the suspension of disbelieve. It’s also going to solve that problem of “which freaking button to use” and (for some) button mashing. From what I’ve seen, some advanced games may become almost ballet like when played.

  2. Paul Avatar

    I’ve been following the Wii (“we”) since it was titled “Revolution” and I agree that it has the potential to change the gaming experience and expand it to a wider audience. The controller is intuitive. I’ve seen my wife move the controller around while pressing the buttons… now it will actually do something.

    The interface can change the gaming paradigm of how we interact with the medium. Since I’m a librarian by trade, the change is similar to shifted from user controlled searches to system controlled. The interface is simpler and easier for anyone to jump in and use. I could hand the controller to my 3 year son or 73 grandmother and both could use it to drive a truck in “Excite Truck.” There are many potential educational benefits to games and the accessibility of the Wii might encourage more people to give it a try.

    Simple, clean, streamlined, accessible… sounds like what people want in a search engine interface.