I was traveling and presenting on Thursday and Friday last week, so I was a bit delayed in completing my final convener duties for K12Online06. The conference agenda now includes links to all 41 presentations of the conference, and both the podcast feed for week1 and the podcast feed for week2 are now complete with all the shared presentation links. I’ve subscribed to those feeds within iTunes myself and used them to download all the presentations from the conference. Although I don’t currently have a video iPod to play the iPod-compatible video files on, it is still handy to be able to download all those presentations with just a few mouseclicks and have them on my computer for relatively easy offline viewing.

I have only been able to see a few of the presentations so far, but am looking forward to taking in quite a few more over the next week. I’ll be posting reflections here that should pingback to the original posts on the K-12 Online Conference 2006 blog. It is WONDERFUL that the College of William and Mary’s School of Education has agreed to host these presentation files online in the coming year so these resources will continue to be available for others. I’m hoping to utilize several of these presentations as part of a “Collaborative Collage” 3 day teacher academy series this summer focused on web 2.0 techologies in the classroom and videoconferencing. I’m currently planning this with Vicki Allen, hopefully we’ll get more details hashed out by the end of the year and share dates/outlines so we can solicit global participation. At this point we’re hoping to have three different sessions (each three days each) during summer 2007.

The ClustrMap from today shows the cumulative geographic participation in K12Online06. This is really amazing. Hopefully we can include even more folks next year! 🙂

Final ClustrMap for K12Online06

If you haven’t yet, please be sure to complete the K-12 Online Conference 2006 evaluation form before Sunday, November 12, 2006. We will be sharing the results with everyone, and they will hopefully help make this event even better next year!

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