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Presentation by Michael Porter from LCLS Western Service Center
– author of Libraryman blog –
– Michael’s flickr homepage:
– had worked for the Gates foundation

Michael didn’t want this preso shared as a podcast 🙁 That is too bad, because this was one of the BEST conference presentations I’ve heard in a long time. Michael is THE MAN when it comes to flickr and ideas about using it in schools and libraries!

Interesting aspect of these tools: they do a good job appealing to our psychological needs
– sounds bad to say self-centered, but that is a really effective motivator for learning the tools
– you can learn the tools for yourself, and learn the tools better
– that ends up benefiting your library patrons

What was your first webpage about?
– your pet? was it a masterpiece? it is probably good your first webpage was not made for your library!
– best to learn about these tools centered around YOU, that can be fun, and your psychological motivation is there

Lluisa Nunez: met via flickr
– teaches library science in Barcelona
– worked on some content for this preso, along with Fiona Hooten and Tony Boston of the National Library of Australia

What is flickr (according to the site)
– “almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world”
– Flickr is more about community and connecting, than just using technology
– changes in last 18 months to Flickr have really empowered connections and relationships

I was looking for a good photo management software tool
– libaries are in the content and community business
– that is EXACTLY what flickr does, and they do some things better than what we are doing in our libraries now

If you are putting pictures of your dog up on flickr, you are learning about connecting to other flickr users
– that can be used to help you in your role as a librarian

tagging works really seamlessly
flickr is a pretty friendly place, kind of a love fest!
– you do have a lot of control over comments, can block them
– can also engage with other flickr members
– this gives flickr its power
– can set people on Flickr as a contact, friend, or family member

ILS systems may end up taking on functionality and flavor of flickr
– flickr mail permits communication between users without having each others’ email address

Geography melts away on Flickr
– the language barrier is still there
– can put images in groups
– can leave notes on individual pictures

Who is using Flickr
– hundreds of libraries have Flickr accounts
search for “library” under people search in Flickr turns up over 400
– check your local library policy to see if this is appropriate/ok to do

Local libraries are finding that local people in their community
– ALA has a Flickr account
– lots of other examples
– REAL libraries are using flickr to connect with their community members and others

We are trying to get people to content, and build community
– so flickr is a tool that can help us achieve that goal
– when people click on the profile of the library in flickr, they are able to see and visit to the library’s main website


First 200 photos of Flickr are free, with smaller upload
– I don’t know anyone that has hit the upload limits of Flickr that have Pro accounts

Flickr Groups
– if you are on flickr and you have a particular interest, join or start a group
– every group also has its own discussion boards
– lots of new ideas on flickr, but also using “old school” ideas like discussion boards
Libraries and Librarians flickr group: this is how I made international connections with other librarians
– another example: Kansas Libraries!

Creative Commons licensing discussion
– we are going to see more licensing like this in our profession
– so the Creative Commons flickr group has photos and discussion

Fun flickr groups:
librarian’s desks
Picture Australia
librarians on myspace discussion post

Issues of moderation is important
– tagging is really important
– came up with tagging “suggestions” for the librarian flickr group (these are folksonomies)
– can have a group of admins, doesn’t have to just be one person

Tag cloud for librarians and librarians

it is all about people and personal connections

Tomorrow at this time I’ll be doing that presentation in Sacramento
– lots of discussion threads in Libraries and Librarians
– lots of dialog going on!

Lots of mashups: Google Maps and Flickr: overlay pictures from the group with the map
– example: FlickrNet

Tools like this are “out there” and just waiting for us to use them!
– there is so much potential sitting out there, waiting for us!

Newsweek article cover with Flickr inventors (April 2006)

people generally seem pleased when others tag their photos (add tags)
– users do have control

Picture Australia flickr group
– people upload pictures, have tagging guidelines
– strategic direction: “explore new models for collecting digital material, such as the deposit of resources by teh Australian public”
– enhance opportunities for existing and new users to share ideas, including the development of innovative online “spaces”

lots of serious content going on here
have 2 groupos
– picture australia
– use metadata

Key objectives
– increase the number of contemporary images in Picture Australia
– to engage new audiences

– over a million page views per month for PictureAustralia

Lot of benefits for PictureAustralia
– lots of positive feedback from people whose images have been included in the database

You’ll see almost immediate pictures of topical issues
– disasters

Good comparisons with older and newer images
– lots of benefits
– groups, community, sharing, conections, resources, examples, inspiration

Fun activity: taking picture with treo

fun groups
– librarians with giant calculators
– the springfield public library
fd’s flickr toys (this stuff wasn’t even available 2 years ago, people figured this stuff out and didn’t have to build new internet infrastructure to do it)

Flickr moo cards are printed in London, share your Flickr

On Flickr and censorship
– things do “show up” that I wouldn’t want my 8 year old to see
– can hide “everyone’s photos”
– you can put up explicit images but those have to be shared privately, not public

Michael’s photo from today, taken with his Treo!

Can put notes inside of notes on flickr
– fascinating to think about organization and representation of knowledge via flickr
– example with commenting of people connecting with each othe

tend to me more schools in Europe on Flickr
– some clubs have flickr page
– other schools have administrative
– lots of educational benefits for working with flickr: taps into many educational skills

How long do images remain on Flickr
– if you pay, forever
– if you don’t pay, just the last 200 images stay up there

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