I was initially honored to be included in the Online Education Database’s “Top 100 Education Blogs” list, and still am a bit appreciative, but after reading Darren’s post and the results of his fairly extensive research, I’ve removed a link to this resource list from both this blog entry and my vitae.

Why would I do this? Well, as Darren recounts, this “recognition” is less an award as it is a reflection of one person’s opinion about 100 good edublogs to read. In addition, this is clearly a ploy to attract page views for advertising. While I don’t think advertising is immoral per se, I do think the information literacy lesson here is strong for being aware of when someone (an advertiser) is attempting to use people (recognized edubloggers) to merely advance their own financial (and advertising / pageview driven) objectives.

Thanks for the research and information literacy lesson, Darren!

P.S. For more details on this and the background of the original “award” post source, check out the comment thread on Darren’s post. Miguel has posted some good thoughts on this situation also (“Publicity–All Good” and “Truth, Trust, and Transparency”) as well as Bud the Teacher.

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