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Podcast107: Be (Constructively) Digitally Disruptive in 2007

In this first podcast for 2007, I outline seven different reasons educators should consider being constructively, digitally disruptive in 2007. These include 1) Strong reasons for changing our prevalent educational paradigm, 2) Change requires disruption to the status quo, 3) Digital technologies can provide differentated means to engage each learner in the educational process, 4) Emphasizing collaborative learning and technologies which promote collaboration, 5) Enhanced personal digital competencies carry over to professional practices, 6) Modeling lifetime/lifelong learning activities, 7) Designing instructional interactions (lessons) which follow the revised model of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Show notes for this podcast include:

  1. Disruptive Technology WikiPedia entry
  2. Disruptive Technology/Innovation wiki from K-12 Online 2006
  3. More Buzzword Mangling (discussion of “disruptive technology” term and definition)
  4. Some Examples of Disruptive Innovations in Ed-Tech (more on the thread of disruptive tech)
  5. The New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce
  6. “The Greatest University of All” blog post
  7. Using the New Bloom’s Taxonomy to Design Meaningful Learning Assessments by Kevin Smythe & Jane Halonen
  8. Graphic of the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy
  9. 21st Century Education reform blog post
  10. Filamentality
  11. Free wiki options: WikiSpaces and PBWiki
  12. My notes from Michael Porter’s HLA06 Presentation “flickr and libraries”
  13. “Science Education in the 21st Century: Using the Tools of Science to Teach Science” by Dr. Carl Wieman (includes reference to 1st year university physics student learning and their force/motion inventory)

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4 responses to “Podcast107: Be (Constructively) Digitally Disruptive in 2007”

  1. Brian Crosby Avatar

    Thanks Wes – very timely for me. I’ll be using these resources soon.