I’ve updated the draft version of the video I originally titled “safe classroom blogging.” The final title is “perspectives on classroom blogging.” Thanks very much to everyone who provided feedback and suggestions. I’ll be showing this video in about two hours in my presentation on “Safe Classroom Blogging” for the MacWorld 2007 K-12 education day in San Francisco.

In addition to the title change, I cut nine of the original images used in the video out entirely, extended the display time on most images from 1 second to 1.5 seconds, zoomed in to show better detail on several, used the Ken Burns effect on a few more and increased the display time, and inserted a REAL audio clip of H. Songhai sharing his perspectives on classroom blogging instead of the Garageband vocal-transformer version I used originally. I’ve added a graphical link to the video download page on my blog sidebar to make it easier for people to find it.

QuickTime Video link: Safe Classroom Blogging Introductory Video (6 min, 39 sec – 33 MB)

Credits / Attribution links for this video as well as links to contributor and referenced blogs are available also. I am trying to model best-practices in terms of intellectual property / fair use / attribution of media sources. One new resource related to this I used in creating this video is YotoPhoto. YotoPhoto indexes Flickr Creative Commons images as well as other public and openly licensed images for use in presentations and multimedia projects like this.

I’ll post a copy of this to Google Video soon as well. Got to get over to the convention center now! 🙂

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3 Responses to Perspectives on classroom blogging video (final)

  1. ahf says:

    Yes!!! Much better!
    Break a leg! (figuratively, of course)

  2. […] Wesley Fryer has created a video on blogging (approx. 6 minutes) entitled Perspectives on Classroom Blogging.  I was able to use this blogging presentation as part of my presentation at the ASP Conference in Memphis, Tennessee, entitled “25 Ways to Integrate Technology.”  It is a great short video and projects a good (as it notes) perspective on the world of blogging. […]

  3. […] If these reasons are not enough, take a look at this video I found over on Wes Fryers site “Moving at the Speed of Creativity”. He has put together an awesome example of what people are doing with blogs in regards to education. I will warn you that the file is large, (32 mb) so make sure you have a fast connection. Download it here! […]

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