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Simple Podcasting on a Global Scale

Simple Podcasting on a Global Scale by Carol Anne McGuire
A preso at MacWorld 2007

email: rockourworld [at] mac [dot] com

Carol is:
– vision specialist, OUSD
– Apple Distinguished Educator
– Top On-line Educator
– Discovery Network Educator
– Disney Teacher

Podcasting is broadcasting from your classroom, to many people
– podcast: an audio blog that people can download and play on their iPods, computers or other MP3 players
– podcasting: a term that described, in a fresh way, the technology used to push (share) audio content from websites down to consumers (clients) of that content, who usually listen to it on an iPod (hence the term “pod”) or any other type of mp3 player at their command, convenience and control

NOT platform specific

Unlike radio, which is limited to a fixed number of stations
– There are over 65K podcast channels

– limited # of stations
– have to be listening at broadcast time
– if you need to pause, you can’t!
– only organizations with deep pockets and strong technical staffs can publish content

Podcasts are subscribable just like a magazine

Uses of podcasting in education
– instant publishing for educators and students, providing an authentic audience with authentic communication
– podcast can be private or available globally
– in iTunes, podcasts are searchable by keywords

Most important part of “Rock Our World” project is the videoconferencing
– it is so much more motivational for students than facing a teacher with a red pen as their only audience

I teach blind and visually impaired students
– parents are new requesting that podcasting be included in the IEP for their student
– podcasting is a HUGE motivator for students who realize they are publishing for a global audience

Main types of podcasting
– oral histories
– literature
– speeches
– historical audio
– science lab directions
– listening centers
– classroom annoucements

Podictionary: the podcast for word lovers

(played an interview with 2 students, talking about their mothers, what their moms like to do, what would you like to give your mother)
– this is the reason parents are now requesting podcasting as part of their IEP
– for all mothers, gave each mother a CD

– Soundseeing Tour, San Francisco
– Tech Savvy Girls
– Math Minute: Podcast from the Vi Room (multiplication of 6, 7, 8 and 9s)

Once the kids start doing these, they want to do them ALL THE TIME!
– kids will listen to their podcast over and over and over
– kids will study on their own because they want to listen to themselves over and over again!

Examples of audio and video
– flash cards
– immigrant stories
– visual directions
– how tos
– interviews

Izzy Video podcasts
– podcasts to tell you how to take good pictures (there are hundreds of them, full of great photography tips)
– may be a commercial podcast?

This year we are pushing games around the world, geography

Great thing about using ProfCast is that students have their slides with their audio recording, perfect for their portfolio

Demoed making a podcast in Garageband about her family vacation to Hawaii last summer
– photos were already setup in iPhoto library
– Garageband automatically “ducks” the music for you

MousePose: great 3rd party app to have spotlight on your screen

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