Moving at the Speed of Creativity by Wesley Fryer

The MegaVCR: Media and More in Your Pocket

Hall Davidson
Director, Discovery Educator Network

Handouts from today:

How many of you have video iPods?
– how many wrote them off as instructional devices
– these things are SO GOOD as instructional devices you will all want to

In the old times if you were an AV person, you had a gigantic suitcase

Converting media for use on the video iPod
– hours x 16
– video clips x 4726

Video iPods now cost less than what VCRs first cost when they came out ($1000 is what they cost at first)

remote control can let you be away from the device
– you probably want the cradle that costs $29 and comes with a remote, and S-video out
– S-video on a classroom television looks really good

instructional videos are just one piece of this
– tutorials on individual problems are
– has tutorials for every math problem for every adopted textbook
– are 40,000 of these videos, done by teachers who were given a tablet PC

Some people are exploring with non-math on the Tablet PC
– these are just some examples of what I can have on the iPod

Good thing is download in short segments
– we used to train people for days how to use the pause button
– all the data shows using pauses in short clips is the best way to teach with media

You can put all these videos in playlists and folders
– short bits of video can really work really effectively
– you can take student-made projects and distribute them/share via the video iPod

I have taken a video of myself and renamed it “Hillary Duff” and put it on my daughter’s iPod, to get into her video iPod 🙂

Put a powerpoint on your iPod (export/save to Quicktime)

Hall’s “elf yourself” video
– captured in Snapz Pro X from the web, and put onto

Grabbed video from YouTube, can use to get kids’ attention
– video of American currency that predicted the twin towers

If you are working in a mixed platform environment, format your iPod for a Windows environment

Great sites for videos
– (Why to use audio visuals in the classroom)
– unitedstreaming (click on the floppy disk icon to download)

Videos have to be a special type of QuickTime to go into your iPod
– if you don’t convert it, the video won’t move to your iPod
– have to convert to mp4v
– used to have to do that in QuickTime Pro
– now right click / control click and choose CONVERT SELECTION FOR IPOD
– it will turn that instructional video into a second iPod compatible form

Another great one from 1949: How to choose a date

Use the “in” jacks on your VCR or TV (if you have a “monitor TV) not the “out”

this is a great way to get everyone’s attention!

With a 15′ cable you can stand under the TV and use

you need to know to put the RED in the Yellow port with some VCRs

when the TV just shows snow
– your TV is set to be a tuner and is looking for invisible rays
– you have to tell it we want wires coming in the back: aux, line, etc (it will NOT be a number)

Remember, the remote is “in the drawer”

Then you don’t have to have VCR tapes anymore!

S-video: invented by the Germans

not every iPod cradle has an S-video out
– using s-video makes a big quality difference with TVs and projectors

When you choose FILE – MAKE MOVIE in PowerPoint on the Mac, it will also play embedded movies that you include in your preso

Go into Google and in advanced search, search for powerpoints and type in civil war
– how are you going to evaluate those PPTs
– can put it on an iPod to
– example search: 52,900 powerpoints about the periodic table


– compass directions
– math shapes
– geographic facts

example of interactive walking tour that gives clues
– fun way to use an iPod

I went to
– I have from video workshops I’ve been doing since 1970 lots of sound CDs
– and those materials are often not as good as what I can get online

Showed using QuickTime PRo to copy sounds and insert them in another audio file
– when you paste if you want to have it as bakground, choose “add to movie” instead of paste
– that works with video too

Last thing
– use the address book as a curriculum tool
– President: term, died, fact, website, note
– elements
– then you can put that into your iPod
– put questions and answers
– then export as a vcard

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  1. Hall Davidson Avatar

    Wow, great summary, Wes! I’ll post a link to here from my blog at First, it’s nice to this archived, second, it’s always nice when somebody is paying attention. I was flying up from work in Los Angeles while you were giving your session but the word is your were great and revitalized the strand! Sometime in the next few days, I’ll get the courage to check the MP3 file you made of my session. Thanks for being there.