I’ve made several edits and updates to my 43 things list. Hadn’t revisted those in quite awhile. Goal setting is definitely a VERY important life activity, and to the extent that using the 43 things site can encourage reflection as well as action on goals I think it’s a GREAT web 2.0 site and resource. 🙂

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2 Responses to Updating goals

  1. David Stone says:

    I think it was Zig Ziglar that I heard mention- “Only 5% of the people in the USA set goals.” 5%! That is astounding to me. Only 5%. ~I decided to research this while mid-typing…its actually 3%. ~ Now, here comes the IMPORTANT part of Zig’s quote………”95% of those that set recorded goals….reach them.” That is enough information to encourage anyone to start setting the bar to where they want to go.
    Thanks for the info on 43 places!
    See you at TCEA this week.

  2. Adrian Bruce says:

    Hey Wesley,

    Maybe you could get your son to plan the tree house with Sketchup


    Adrian Bruce

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