Here are the brainstorming results from today’s TCEA 2007 presentation on digital social networking. Participants took several minutes to brainstorm the ideas and words that came to mind (their existing schema) for digital social networking, and then we collected those ideas and put them into an Inspiration document. I exported those results as a text file, and organized them by which ideas reflected positive perceptions, which reflected negative ones, and those that were neutral (more factual):

DSN: What do we know?

I. positive perception
A. powerful
B. empowering
C. way for college age kids to connect with old friends
D. connect with others who were not in previous peer group
E. shrinking the world
F. facilitating communication
G. son met present fiance on social networking
H. about teaching and learning in non-traditional sense
I. kids as teachers
J. forcing educators to look at new delivery methods

II. negative perception
A. risky behavior
B. actions can haunt kids
C. paranoia
D. can be harmful and hurtful
E. predator
F. generational divide
G. addictive

III. neutral
A. myspace
B. facebook
C. blogging
D. chat rooms
E. about identity
F. 24/7

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