Moving at the Speed of Creativity by Wesley Fryer

Celebrate diversity!

I love this quotation, which I found on the sidebar of Mike Temple’s blog:

You don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note. – Doug Floyd

Amen. Let’s celebrate diverse voices and perspectives. It’s quite boring to live in an echo chamber or another environment where everyone is expected to look the same, act the same, be the same…..

Biodiversity and human diversity are causes to celebrate and explore, not oppose and extinguish!

diversity chart

Appropriately differentiating learning opportunities for diverse learners is perhaps the most challenging as well as most important role of the classroom teacher.

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5 responses to “Celebrate diversity!”

  1. Karyn Romeis Avatar

    Hi Wesley. I came across this post thanks to a link from Stephen Downes’s OLDaily. I really like the graphic!

    However, something is tickling at the back of my mind: I know your name. Well, more accurately, I know the name Wes Fryer. Where from? I’m sure there are others in the world with the same name, but it’s not a common enough combination to be dismissed as pure co-incidence. Are you maybe a songwriter/lyricist in your spare time? Because I have a feeling it has some connection with music…

  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Karyn, I wish I could say I am a songwriter and lyricist, but the limit of my musical abilities to date has been singing in some choirs, taking a few piano lessons when I was in college, and making a few loop-based songs in Garageband. I would love to further develop my interest in instrumental music, and have considered taking piano again with my 9 year old in a group class this year, but that’s about all I have to report on the musical/songwriting front for now! Sorry!

  3. Paul Trafford Avatar


    A local man starts visiting a Thai temple in the UK to listen to the monks chanting. One day he expresses appreciation, saying the sound is more harmonious than before. A monk expresses surprise and replies that it is only because one of the chanters has a cold – the chanting should be in one voice!

    I think diversity requires discernment.

    – Paul

  4. […] 文摘:《外滩画报》独家专访崔健:摇滚艺术家更需要批判 â—†80 年代最有价值的东西是一种敏锐和一种人生的张扬。 ◆现在艺术家的工作不是在搞创作,而是在做宣传。他们一旦成功了以后就可以不动了,大量的工作都是在做一些销售的工作。这个时代是消费者和销售者的时代,创作者是靠边站的。这个时代不需要创作者,需要顺从者,大家都在忙着挣钱。 ◆但回过头来关注中国的流行音乐文化,实际上他们在心理上不接受反叛。大多数人还是唱颂歌,最多的是安慰。人们不鼓励你去突破,得到个性化释放,好像反叛变成一种非常丑恶的东西。如果你做得过多,很多人会拒绝你。 ◆象征着一个民族的发展和开放很重要的标准就是是否允许人家的批评。连艺术家也不允许批评的话,还允许什么人来批评? 艺术家的创造性受鼓励和国家的发展成正比。 ◆我觉得中国的摇滚就是按照流行音乐的模式去做摇滚。中国的文化形式还没有从审美上接受摇滚音乐。大家看摇滚乐是给摇滚乐面子,真正想买票的人并不多。这跟中国的文化条件有关。我觉得中国摇滚真正的问题在于对基础的创作上,现在没有人去做,完全靠民间。 ◆需要有一些法律出现。电台不应该收红包,娱乐媒体不应该搞企宣,这是两个行业。企宣是真正的广告专业,媒体就应该是评论专业,这个评论专业不能做企宣的事,性质不同,沾的话就应该受到法律制约。 ◆中国无法真正接受摇滚乐,不单是大陆,中国的香港、台湾都没有接受。我发现中国人从审美上不接受。玩摇滚乐的人可能是在某种程度上接受了西方的审美。 ◆对于我来说摇滚乐的意义在于个人,个人的表达。个人表达可能在西方发展了更长时间,当你一旦要个人表达的时候你就是在学西方。当所有人觉得学不学西方并不重 要,个人表达的时候就是真正美的时候,这才是中国摇滚乐的发展。现在大部分人会觉得你过多的个人表达就是崇洋媚外。 ◆一个民族真正的想象力是要靠创作者去完成的。如果没有一个机制去鼓励这个群体创作,就像一个沙漠里没有人去挖水,所有人都卖水一样。我认为如果真正的创作受到保护,中国就会出现一批创造型精英,对这个民族来说会更有意义。 摇滚和博客有一点是很类似的,他们的意义都在于“个人的表达”, (个人)表达从心理学上来说,是人认识自己和社会,令人格和思想得以成熟和完整的必由之路; 从创造力的角度分析,有价值的思想和创意如果不能通过“表达”来实现的话,它的价值就无法实现; isaacmao在多样性与和谐摘录: “You don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note.—- Doug Floyd”(如果每个人都唱同一个音调,那你就别想当得到和谐),没有多样性,哪里来的和谐? “多样性”(各种各样不同的个性)如果不通过“个人的表达”,也无法实现。尊重多样性,尊重个人表达,才能缔造“和谐之美”。 Filed under: 思想, Blog, 文摘 — 郭大虾 @ 5:25 pm […]

  5. […] Thanks to Wesley Friar at Moving at the Speed of Creativity for posting this through OL Daily and getting it in front of my eyeballs. […]