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WOW2 podcast interview available

The Women of Web 2.0 skypecast from last week (Wednesday night to be exact) that included an interview with me as a featured guest is available online. There were a few technical problems with some echo effects and Skype bandwidth (I think related to my hotel connection in St Louis) but overall the interview went well and was a lot of fun! The intro song for this skypecast is pretty long, so don’t give up when you start listening… the show starts after a minute or two with “WOW moments of the week” and then goes to the interview.

Click here to get your own player.

Thanks to Jen, Cheryl, Sharon and Vicki for this opportunity to reflect on stages of technology integration, blended learning, and more. 🙂

Subscribe to their skypecast feed via their podomatic website!.

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2 responses to “WOW2 podcast interview available”

  1. Cheryl Oakes Avatar

    Oh my goodness, the intro song is really long, I missed that in the editing. Sorry, but Meltdown Man by Derrick K. Miller, is a great tune.