I’ll be attending and presenting at the SITE conference in San Antonio the last week of March, but am planning to co-present via videoconference for the COSN conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, March 28th. The title of my COSN session is “Maintaining a Safe Environment for Digital Social Networking.” Since Lora Smith and I are co-presenting this with Ron Teixeira, Executive Director of the National Cyber Security Alliance, our portion of the 45 minute preso will only be about 20-25 minutes.

I’ve posted a “draft” enhanced podcast version of this presentation to my .Mac Public iDisk (it’s named “safe-dsn-COSN07.m4b”) as well as my notes and slides in PDF and PowerPoint versions to my pbwiki site for “Safe Digital Social Networking (DSN).” The enhanced podcast is 18 minutes long.

If you want to check out this draft presentation and have any feedback or suggestions, please leave them here as comments and I’ll be sure to consider them as I continue preparing for this event. I’ve never been to COSN or presented there (and regretfully won’t get to attend in person, because of the SITE conference conflict) but I know this is a VERY important audience to address and a very different one from the typical edtech conference crowd. I am really glad to have an opportunity to share at least part of my message about safe digital social networking with a more administrator/CIO audience, and hope it will lead to more conversations about safe DSN as well as more schools providing opportunities for students to PRACTICE safe DSN via sites like imbee, think.com, Moodle, etc.

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3 Responses to Request for Feedback: Safe Digital Social Networking draft

  1. Jay says:

    I am developing a web site that enables children to create cartoon-like stories and share them with others in password-protected groups. Security is a great concern to me and I would be interested in your assessment of my approach.

    There are no ‘public areas’ and I don’t collect personal information from customers. To join a group requires a two-way handshake. The requester must enter the name of the group to join and the group owner must approve the request. This helps prevent someone from joining a group without being invited and also prevents a user from being added to a group to which he/she doesn’t want to belong.

    You can try the site at: http://www.storytop.com Any feedback would be appreciated.

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Cool Jay, I’ll check out Storytop. It looks great! Thanks for sharing the link.

  3. Wes, I am facilitating a discussion among a group of educators called MEGA (http://www.ncsu.edu/mega/) tomorrow about “Cybersafety in the 21st Century Classroom.” I appreciate you sharing the video of your previous presentation and the podcast. They both helped me in my preparation.

    I think one thing to add (especially for an administrator audience) is that student behavior in DSNs is affecting schools whether it occurs in the school or outside the school. This is another argument for educating kids at school and giving them a safe, moderated place to try it out.

    If another key point comes out of our discussion, I will share it also.

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