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Effectiveness of Technology in Schools

The most recent issue of the CITE Journal has just been published. This online, peer-reviewed journal focuses on technology and teaching. It is jointly sponsored by five teacher educator associations representing science education, math education, language arts, social studies, and educational technology. Truth in advertising: as editor, I’m probably biased about its value.

That having been noted, I would call your attention to an editorial in the current issue, “Research on the Effectiveness of Technology in Schools: The Roles of Pedagogy and Content.” This editorial represents the collective efforts of the editors of educational technology journals to identify needed research that will advance the profession. We would be interested in your reactions and thoughts regarding the perspective presented.

We will be getting together next week in San Antonio. (Wes will be joining us as well.) I would be glad to share any reactions or feedback that you might have in response to the editorial.







4 responses to “Effectiveness of Technology in Schools”

  1. Miss Profe Avatar

    Wes, not to be a wet blanket, but…
    …as usal, there is nothing in the report about foreign languages, or the arts.

    Who represents these disciplines in the discussion re: technology, pedagogy and content?

    So frustrating.:(

  2. Glen Bull Avatar
    Glen Bull

    You will be pleased to hear that there is an art education association, as well as a standing committee within SITE that addresses the arts and art education.

    BTW, B. J. Berquist is an art teacher in Pennsylvania strongly committed to identification of effective uses of technology in art education. She is a moderator for the Tapped In community. You can obtain a free account at:

    B.J. will be able to direct you to resources and other members of the educational community who have similar interests.

  3. Miss Profe Avatar

    Thank you, Glen. And, what about foreign language education? Any representation there?

  4. Glen Bull Avatar
    Glen Bull

    I’m less familiar with the representation for foreign languages, but can check with my colleague, Ruth Ferree. We’re collaborating on a project in which Spanish teachers are incorporating digital stories into their teaching. The students create digital movies which are shared with other classes via the web.