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Digital TV – TED Talks

The TED (Technology / Entertainment / Design) conference is an invitation-only event that costs $6,000 to attend. An amazing and diverse group of thinkers present — folks like Ray Kurzweil (The Age of Spiritual Machines), Neil Gershenfend (Low-cost Fabrication), Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia Founder) Malcolm Gladwell (The Tipping Point), and Stephen Levitt (Freakanomics). Fortunately you don’t have to pay $6,000 to see their presentations. The best ones are available via digital video at:


You can watch the presentations via streaming video directly on the TEDtalks site, or download them to watch later when you’re off-line. Audio feeds are also available in case you would like to play them back while you’re walking or driving to work.

Another example of digital video that is generously being shared via the web – and creating new educational possibilities.

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  1. Tim Avatar

    My favorite is the talk by Sir Ken Robinson (scroll all the way to the bottom of the TED Talks page). He discusses how we educate the creativity out of kids as they progress through school. It’s a presentation every teacher and administrator should watch.