Ever since MacWorld in Jan07 when I was able to give some of the commercial games for the 5th Generation iPod Video a spin, I’ve been wanting to purchase at least one. (Vortex is the main one I played and was impressed with.) This evening I finally made 2 purchases (for a grand total of $10 – I also went with Bejeweled) but the games wouldn’t sync to my iPod!

Vortex game for iPod

I found this discussion forum posting but none of the suggestions helped. I finally tried dragging the games out of iTunes to my desktop, then double clicked each one and chose to overwrite the existing versions already in iTunes. For some reason, this worked like magic and now the games sync up fine on the iPod and play GREAT.

I have no idea why this worked, but am thankful that it did. “Fixes” like this to computer technology are based a bit on experience and one’s skill at using Google to find discussion postings by other people who’ve had similar problems, but often the solutions also come down to creative imagination. I sometimes work with people who are either amazed or irritated that something they tried to do unsuccessfully on their computer works when I help them or do it for them. (Usually I like to let others “drive their own mouse.”) At those moments, I often joke about my computer aura which empowers me to have special technological abilities. 🙂

Now if I could just fix my HP Tablet PC that has the smart hard drive technology and won’t respond to function key input trying to ignore this problem so I can boot to an external HP CD-ROM…..

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