I received an email recently from Cheryl Lykowski, in which she asked for my views on copyright as they apply in educational contexts. I am not a lawyer so I always start conversations like these with a disclaimer: If you need legal advice, consult a lawyer. That being said, these are the resources and links I shared with Cheryl via email this evening:

Copyright 101 for Educators: Winter 2003 (an article in the Texas K-12 edtech journal, the TechEdge)

Copyright, Fair Use, Intellectual Property & Podcasting (a presentation available as a podcast of my 11/3/2006 presentation in the Dallas area)

The best sources I know of to comply with copyright are those that use Creative Commons licenses. There was a great preso on Creative Commons at TCEA 2007 (in Austin in Feb) that I recorded but haven’t published as a podcast yet. I hope to do so in the next couple of weeks. Several search tools for Creative Commons images and music files are available on:

My favorite Creative Commons image search tool is Flickr’s:

For podcasts, I have a list of different sources of copyright-friendly music files on:

Although I have not listened to this, Tim Wilson recommended the following preso from FETC 2007 by Gary Becker on copyright:

The social bookmarks I maintain related to copyright issues are on:

Lastly, the best option for including music in podcasts and other multimedia products is to create the music from scratch yourself! Of course that takes awhile, but can be a lot of fun and even more rewarding that using someone else’s music. Garageband (on the Mac side) and Fruity Loops (on the Windows side) are two free programs permitting students to create their own music. I have links on a workshop wiki about using these programs to create music on:

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