Today’s NYT article “A Call for Manners in the World of Nasty Blogs” includes some details about work being done by different folks relating to “blog codes of conduct.” I had heard about the troubles Kathy Sierra faced recently which led to the “Stop Cyberbullying” day Friday before-last, but not the stories of someone creating a hurtful parody site about the children of Heather Armstrong, or the malicious pornographic site someone created who opposes the work for Arab-Israeli peace done by Richard Silverstein.

I applaud these efforts to promote civil discourse in the blogosphere. Our needs for more digital dialog will only increase in the years ahead. We’ve got to be taking these conversations out of virtual spaces and also having them in face-to-face contexts, with both adults and young people.

Via K. Lehman in Yangon, Myanmar. (Isn’t that amazing that a teacher in Myanmar brought this article from today’s NYT to my attention, via a digital dialog feedriver I setup recently with KickRSS for Digital Dialog? The world is flat. This is proof!)

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