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Comments I had missed

In reviewing my Akismet suspected spam messages this evening I caught several comments that were incorrectly held in my moderation queue– most notable among them were South African educator Kobus van Wyk’s comment to my post “Choosing forgiveness and grace over hate and revenge” about the processes of reconciliation in South Africa including the Khanya project, and Scott McCleod’s reference on my post “MySpace defamation suit highlights important issues” to his post “Are principals ‘public figures?’”

Both are worth reading and linking to.

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2 responses to “Comments I had missed”

  1. Dr. jacqui Cyrus Avatar
    Dr. jacqui Cyrus

    My graduate students were ready and waiting for you to join them in an interview/discussion using NiceNet. What happened?

  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Jacqui: We never confirmed a date/time for this, and I’m sorry we didn’t connect. In a case like this, please use a synchronous technology to get in touch with me, like the phone! I know you all are in Guam so phone charges may make that cost-prohibitive, but calling on the phone for something like this that is time sensitive is a good idea, particularly if you’re not getting a response via email. Also Skype IM as well as voice conferencing is often a good option for getting in touch with me directly. Both my phone and Skype contact info are listed on my contact page. Let’s try and confirm a new date / time for some connections when that works for your students!