I continue to try and use a wide variety of read/write web tools, but at some point (and I’m not entirely sure how I arrive at this decision) I decide to “invest” in different web services and resources. Examples of these include del.icio.us, which I use literally every day I’m online to process and save website favorites via social bookmarks, Flickr, which I am regularly posting to via my cell phone as well as periodic laptop uploads of digital camera pics, and PBWiki, which I use to share all of my educational presentation and workshop curricula (teachdigital.pbwiki.com).

I was delighted to learn recently that PBWiki is now making all educational wikis advertisement-free. Excellent!

For more on PBWiki and its possible uses for learning, visit their website for educators. If you’re doing a conference presentation about PBWiki, apply for one of their presenter packs to get some cool stuff for yourself and to give away to your presentation attendees! Their 2 page PDF “About PBWiki” document is a good summary to use explaining to others what wikis are and how they can be used.

Go PBWiki! You guys and gals rock!

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One Response to PBWikis ad-free for educators!

  1. Olivia Morris says:

    I think that the wiki is a great success story because it is one of the best collaborative tools available to teachers. According to Wes Freyer, it is easy to make as a “peanut butter sandwich.” It is very helpful if teachers want to develop a classroom web page and would be a great space for multicultural discussions. Teachers could add course work updates and keep in contact with parents. Based on the user friendly properties of the wiki, I envisioned the wiki becoming the next most popular ed tech tool in schools. It is so easy to set up and access that I have my own wiki space and have bookmarked it to my delicious site.

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