I created a 3 page QuickStart guide for Flickr for our Oklahoma Digital Centennial project training today. I linked this from my “Powerful Blending” workshop curriculum on web 2.0.

As with all my other online educational technology workshop curricula, this is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-Only license, so feel free to use this and share it with others. I used this in a handout about web 2.0 which included my del.icio.us QuickStart guide. All the links / resources we referenced and used today are available on this public Google Notebook.

My favorite video of the day was definitely the Jimmy Wales (WikiPedia founder) speech from April 2006. So many people have misconceptions about WikiPedia, and I loved his explanation of how WikiPedia is mainly authored by a close community of people, rather than simply an army of ants (people) who are demonstrating the “The Wisdom of Crowds.” Thanks to Miguel Guhlin for videoconferencing in at the end of our session for about 20 minutes and discussing Skype in the Classroom! 🙂 Miguel has posted a vidcast of our conversation. I hadn’t heard about the Global Education Ning before, I am so glad to learn a Ning social network has been created specifically for facilitating classroom collaborations and promoting global citizenship!

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5 Responses to New Flickr Quickstart

  1. Brian Crosby says:

    Wes – FYI – I was just watching your Skype with Miguel on Teachertube – you were talking about the microphone – When we Skype Celest into class I used to plug in the headphone/microphone combo that came with the web cam because of the echo potential – however one day we forgot to plug it in and we never went back – the mic on the web cam we use does a great job and we hear her over the laptop’s speakers. I guess the web cam mic is echo-cancelling???
    I hope to get a chance to edit the video we shot when Grace Corrigan (Christa McAuliffe’s mom) visited our class last week (http://learningismessy.com/blog/?p=254) I haven’t even had a chance to rewind the tape yet – when I do I’ll post it on TeacherTube – another Skype Example for you (and YouthBridges too). A podcast of it is already there.

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Excellent Brian, thanks for the info and link– I saw that post but haven’t listened to the podcast yet, I will soon and I’ll blog about it after I do. What a great opportunity for your kids. Keep up the GREAT work! 🙂

  3. Wesley,
    I was wondering how many school districts around the state and nation block access to flickr. Our filter service TwoTrees blocks flickr and the wiki sites. It makes it most difficult to gather and disperse information.

  4. Scott Elias says:

    This is fantastic! I’m going to share this with some teachers next week!

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