I used to love Johnny Carson. One of my favourite memories as a kid was staying up late and positioning myself so Mom and Dad couldn’t see me but as long as I didn’t laugh out loud, I could usually watch most of the show. I really liked Mondays because often Johnny would have guest hosts. It was interesting to compare how they handled monologues and the interviews.

For those who don’t know me or were expecting to read one of Wes’ provactive posts. This ain’t Wes.

My name is Dean Shareski and I blog at Ideas and Thoughts. I’m a digital learning consultant for Prairie South School Division in Saskatchewan. I met Wes like most of you via the blogosphere. Wes and I did meet once in person in 2006 at FETC. We’ve had a number of contacts, often in impromptu Skype demos, and we also have an involvement in a blog about our spiritual journeys. Wes and I share a passion for digital storytelling and meaningful assessment.

This is my second run at guest blogging for Wes. The pressure is on to produce some quality posts in the tradition of Wes Fryer. I’ll see what I can do.  Think of me as that guest host Johnny used to bring in. Most of the guests gave the new host a break and the audience really wanted them to do well.
Well here I am. Consider this my monologue.

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On this day..

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One Response to Herrrrrrrrrrrrre’s Dean!

  1. Wesley Fryer says:

    No pressure Dean– it’s all about conversation, not performance! 🙂 It is strange to blog and not have a clear picture of who is “watching” (or reading) isn’t it…. I’m down here in San Antonio finishing up the 2nd half day podcasting workshop of the day. Thanks so much for taking over the blog in my absence!

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