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Our musical performer tonight is George Bush

For my final guest I’d like to introduce George Bush singing a U2 song (What would the Tonight Show have been without a musical guest).

The following is not intended to be a political statement but rather an example of a mashup. It is indeed a powerful example. With tools available to students today, this type of work, although time consuming and somewhat tedious, empowers students to tell very powerful and important stories….for little or likely no cost. There likely may be some copyright issues and if that’s the case, here’s another mashup that deals with that issue.

Well that’s it for me. I want to thank Wes for giving me the “chair” for the weekend. If anyone wants to see me, I’ll be performing regularly over at Ideas and Thoughts. Good Night everybody and God Bless.

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One response to “Our musical performer tonight is George Bush”

  1. Pam Shoemaker Avatar

    I like the newly added humor section, Dean. 🙂