Last night when chatting with Miguel Guhlin about ideas for sharing with and teaching administrators about technology leadership, he shared the following videos I hadn’t seen or considered before. I’ve added these to a new tag I’ve started, presentationvideos. For videos on YouTube and TeacherTube, I’ve added those to my respective favorite playlists. (My YouTube PlaylistsTeacherTube favorites.) I’m adding this post to the “humor category” (thanks Dean!) as well as a few others. All are not humorous, however, the final video about Sidibay is quite moving.

Again thanks to Miguel’s advice, I have used the free UnPlug extension for FireFox (cross-platform) to download several of these videos to my laptop hard drive, so I can play them during professional development sessions regardless of whether or not I have an Internet connection. (Or a fast Internet connection, or an Internet connection that permits a connection to the website hosting the video, etc.)

TechRap: Thoughts on technology’s impact on a student’s life (Ysleta ISD, El Paso, Texas, USA)

Walkthroughs and Learning Objectives (this should get your administrators laughing, and perhaps thinking too)

Mrs. Burk Perimeter Rap (Some may see this and say, “Good grief, are we making school into a place for edu-tainment?” I’d respond, “Not necessarily. But if you have access to creative, musical videos like this that can help your kids learn concepts, wouldn’t you be silly to ignore them or refuse to use them?) If you like this, check out Mrs. Burk’s other math-related TeacherTube videos!

Our Hero, Mohamed Sidibay (This movie was made by a group of Grade 4 students in Bradford, Ontario, Canada. It is about a former child soldier, Sidibay, from Sierra Leone.)

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4 Responses to New videos to share with educators

  1. Simon says:

    Teacher Tube is a great new resource. Its giving educators and students a new platform for educating and showcasing learning. The more that teachertube is being promoted the higher the quality of resources that are being shared.

  2. Kevin says:

    Thanks for sharing, Wesley.

    The Hero movie was quite inspirational and I want to find time to show it to my sixth graders this year, even though we can’t take on a project like this. I want them to see how kids like them can investigate, change and then document the world.

    And, oh, thanks for the funny videos, too. 🙂


  3. Kim says:

    We are so proud that you mentioned our own Mrs. Burk, the Rappin’ Math Teacher! She is working very hard to meet her kids where they are in an effort to guide them through the curriculum! You’ll be pleased to know many of her students came to the “studio” to record their own math raps! And if you visit her classroom during any independent work time, you can hear the students humming the raps as they work their way through the problems! Thanks for mentioning one of our “think outside the box” teachers! We are also very thankful for TeacherTube which remains an unblocked treasure!

  4. Mark says:

    Thanks for getting me “connected” to the Teacher Tube source. I enjoyed all of the videos on your post. This is my first visit to your blog- it looks like it will be a great source for ideas and motivation.

    Teacher in Illinois

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