Sylvia Martinez wrote a good plug and summary of reasons to attend EduComm in a few weeks in Anaheim, California. (June 19-21) I’m looking forward to both attending and sharing some presentations there for the first time. My travel to southern California has been pretty limited in my lifetime, I can still count my number of visits to the area on one hand, even though I have some relatives there!

Unfortunately I will NOT be able to attend the pre-NECC EduBloggerCon the following week on Saturday or the Constructivist Consortium’s Sunday event prior to the main conference. 🙁 Both promise to be super events. Instead, I’ll be spending time with my family taking our son up to Wichita so he can attend a camp at the Kansas Cosmosphere. I don’t regret my choice, I’m making the right one, it’s just too bad there is overlap and I can’t be two places at once. (A case when I could use a Time-Turner!)

It’s really going to be exciting to not only attend NECC (which I haven’t done since 2003 when it was in Seattle) but also follow the blog conversations before, during and after the event. I am glad to learn David Warlick has created a new, mobile version of Hitchikr! Access it by adding a “m” to the standard URL:

I don’t currently have an Internet-capable mobile device with a data plan, but that will hopefully change in the not too distant future if I can manage to buy an iPhone. (And yes you’re right Tom, I guess it won’t have GPS.) 🙁 But it will still be cool and functional! 🙂

It’s amazing to think how much things have changed since my last NECC in 2003. That was the first time I’d ever heard David Warlick speak, incidentally, and led to our West Texas TCEA group inviting him to keynote a regional conference we hosted at Texas Tech in 2004. Since then I’ve read two of David’s books and used them as texts in university courses I taught, and been strongly influenced by the continued sharing of David’s thoughts, vision, reflections and conversations with others via his blog and podcast. It’s quite staggering to think how fast the world has been moving since 2003, and just how much learning I’ve been able to do as a result of digital collaborative tools.

Jeff Utech is taking a look at all the edubloggers who are planning to attend the EduBloggerCon and NECC… I wish there were some informal, evening get-togethers planned for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night. Does anyone know if something like this is being discussed or planned? Something informal, like “let’s meet at such-and-such a place to visit” after dinner?

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8 Responses to EduComm and NECC, coming up soon!

  1. Jeff Utecht says:

    Informal is good! Let’s make sure we connect during the conference. I’d love to have an informal meet up. 😉

  2. Jennifer says:



    Do you have time for a cup of coffee?? OHMIGOSH —

    Wes Fryer in MY STATE!!

    Oh – LOL — by the way, didn’t know there was a conference — gotta find out more.

    We will try not to have an earthquake while you are here!! (unless you really want one!?!)

    Jennifer Wagner

  3. I won’t be able to make the blogger con either, my daughter’s 9th birthday party.

    However, I will be at NECC on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Perhaps we could us the bloggercon Google group to suggest some informal meet ups.

  4. Brian Crosby says:

    Wes – I’ll be looking for you there! Sorry you can’t make Saturday – but you’re right you made the right decision.

  5. NECC is going to have a lounge area called the “bloggers” cafe, and maybe with a little creative twitter use people could meet there. Classroom 2.0 and EduBloggerCon are both going to be making up buttons so people can recognize others during the show.

  6. David Jakes says:

    I’m suggesting Monday night at Sidebar in downtown Atlanta…walking distance from the hotels. Just an idea, but last year’s meeting in San Diego was fun.

    Here is the URL


  7. Jennifer says:

    Hmmm –
    Monday night is the DEN meetup —
    How am I going to be everywhere at the same time??

  8. mattbucher says:

    There are rumors that the “secret app” to be unveiled at the iPhone release will be GPS (or else GPS will be added at a later Macworld).

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