Carol Anne McGuire’s “Mother’s Day Podcasts” are some of my favorite examples to share with educators whenever I’m teaching about podcasting. The link to those podcasts has recently been updated with 2007 additions, and I got the new one from Carol. It’s now correct on my Intro to Podcasting wiki curriculum. My favorite is still Lupita and Maria’s!

Carol continues to facilitate many international collaborations via the Rock Our World project. It’s so great to have access to the superb work of innovative educators like Carol, to share with (and hopefully inspire) other teachers! For more from Carol, check out the podcast recording of her presentation on podcasting from the 2007 MacWorld K-12 Market Symposium. (My text notes are also available.)

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On this day..

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2 Responses to New link for Mother’s Day Podcasts

  1. Jennifer says:

    Ahhh — you blog about one of my favorite people.

    I was blessed (yes, BLESSED) to meet Carol Anne at Google Academy in Santa Monica, CA — and we were able to chat and had a great conversation.

    There are plans in the works to team collaborate a project “Rock Our Faith” which we are both excited about and feel that GOD had a hand in our meeting.

    So glad that you blogged about her………

    I also want to say
    Happy Dad’s Day, Wes!!

    See you in about 8 days — but who is counting.

  2. Carol Anne says:

    Hi Wes!

    We had such an overwhelming response to our annual Mother’s Day Podcast, so much so – the Dads felt a little left out! They actually requested a “Father’s Day Podcast”, which we were happy to do! I asked one of my students (who is completely blind) how strong his Dad is. He said, “He can lift a suitcase!”

    Jennifer, the blessing went both ways when I met you! Thank you for your very sweet words. There are definitely plans for “Rock Our Faith!” I’ve seen so many amazing things happen with Rock Our World. I can’t wait to see what God does when kids all over the world pray for each other! Can you imagine?!

    God Bless,
    Carol Anne

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