Derek Baird has created a Flickr group for NECC 2007. If you’re going to NECC in Atlanta and planning to take pictures, please join the group and contribute!

Users of David Warlick’s HitchHikr page for NECC07 have suggested the following tags for the conference:

necc2007 neccprep necc07

The NECC HitchHikr page has a link which generates the HTML tagging syntax code which you can copy and paste into your blog posts, if you don’t use a blogging tool that supports tagging. (I use Ecto.)

Whether you are or are not attending NECC in person, HitchHikr is a great (free) aggregator for Flickr pictures and blog posts related to the conference. You can use a customized Technorati RSS feed to track the posts about NECC ’07 as well. If you want to see more than the latest 20 posts, change the last number of the above link to the number you want. The syntax of that feed is also provided by HitchHikr.

To take NECC session blogging one step further, Steve Hargadon has created a list of all NECC presenters and session presenters using the session blog tags created by ISTE. The blogging aspect of NECC is definitely going exciting to watch/read, participate in, and learn from!

Technorati Tags:

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4 Responses to NECC 2007 Flickr group and blogging

  1. Brian Crosby says:

    Wes – How do I put Technorati tags on my blog posts? Obviously this is different than just “posted in …” that I usually put at the end of my posts?

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Brian, David Warlick has a good explanation of this on HitchHikr, use the link for NECC 2007 on HitchHikr and then click the link for “make tag code.” Basically you just insert that code at the end of your blog post.

    If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, you can use the free SimpleTags plugin for WordPress to generate Technorati tags instead.

    I am using WordPress, but 95% of the time (except when I’m posting new podcasts which use the Podpress plugin for WordPress) I blog using Ecto, an offline blog post editor that offers spellcheck, support for various HTML codes via quickkeys, AND technorati tag creation.

    There may be other ways to generate tags, but those are the main ones I’m aware of. Thankfully both blogging and tagging are getting more mainstream, so we should see more tagged blogs at NECC this year, but tagging still requires “extra steps” that are not necessarily straightforward to figure out.

    If anyone knows of other ways to add Technorati tags to blog posts, please chime in. Technorati does have a good help page on tags as well that might be useful.

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  4. Jenni H says:

    I am new to Technorati tags and found this neat tag generator. Thanks to Andrew Beacock’s blog about this bookmarklet. I saved it in my favorites and just go to it when I need code for Technorati. Just copy and paste it into the end of the HTML version of your blog. It worked for me.

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