The deadline for submitting K-12 Online Conference 2007 proposals has been extended to Friday, June 22nd. Unfortunately, there was a glitch in the settings for our online proposal form (this was my fault and oversight) which only permitted one submission from an IP address. This meant that some people (or possibly some schools) who submitted multiple proposals overwrote previous submissions from the same computer or network IP address.

This problem has been fixed. Please accept my apologies for this mistake, if this affected you. Check out the updated proposal deadline post on the K-12 Online Conference blog for more details about what to do if you submitted a proposal.

If you have NOT submitted a proposal yet but have considered doing so, please do so! The deadline is extended for EVERYONE. 🙂

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2 Responses to K-12 Online proposal deadline extended

    It presents problematizations on possible relations between the education, the knowledge and the culture in postmodernity, by means of a postcritical bibliographical research of inter(in)vention of the current “malaise” of the contemporarilly and its respective influences in the field of the education. Uses a postcritical perspective of research the daily postmodern, that is a research of “invention” and not of “evidence” of that already it was systemize. Problematizate ephemerally postmodernity and its possible influences in the society contemporary, intending to blow up felt and to make to jump what still notit was meant, what was unsignificant, from the following questionings: Postmodernity is a paradigmatical change? A revolution? A renewal? A rupture? A crisis of modernity? An exit of modernity? A period of transition? And what is it occurring with the education in the current world, of the form as is interrogated by all its agents, like parents, teachers, pupils and intellectuals? Which is the interrogation that implicit or explicitly is formulated from the individual experiences of its actors, of institucional environments, the societies as a whole? Which the new challenges that place for the education in the context contemporary? And, at last, what human to educate? Of this form, it was not objectified to define and to objective effect permanent conclusions concerning what would be, specifically and objectively, postmodernity, but to make only some ephemeral considerations on thematic extremely (im)pertinent in the “malaise” of the current times and its interrelation with the education, from the ideas of Zygmunt Bauman and Boaventura de Sousa Santos.
    Keywords: Education. Postmodernity. Bauman. Santos. Contemporarilly.

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Alex, if you’re wanting to submit this as a proposal for K-12 Online 2007, please use the webform:

    The deadline is tomorrow (June 22nd).

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