My latest “Tech Trends” article in the summer issue of Smart Technologies “Interactive Educator” magazine is available for free download. The article, “Top-Level Bloggers: Social technologies move into the office” starts on page 40. The entire summer 2007 issue is available as a PDF download. (5 MB) Whether or not your principal, assistant principal, superintendent or assistant superintendent is already reading blogs and blogging on their own, this might be a good article to print and share with them. 🙂

One important URL not included in the article’s second page sidebar is for The PULSE, the blog of District Administrator magazine. Their website is There are always challenging ideas to read there. If you haven’t read Susan Ohanian’s latest post, “10 Top Ways You Know You’re In a “Reading First” School” you should check it out. Scott McLeod referenced recent Reading First grant controversies and investigations when he was guest blogging here awhile back. I have not done enough reading and research on this topic to be ready to comment in depth, but I do know the way tradebooks where literally thrown out of classrooms in some Texas schools who were “awarded” Reading First grant programs made me want to cry. Susan’s post inspires similar emotions.

Other administrator blogs listed in the article sidebar worth checking out include:

  1. Mabry Middle School’s staff blogs
  2. Tim Tyson’s blog
  3. Tim Lauer‘s blog
  4. Meriwether Lewis Elementary School’s staff blogs
  5. Miguel Guhlin’s blog
  6. Ewan McIntosh’s blog
  7. LeaderTalk (coordinated by Dr. Scott McLeod)

More links to administrators who blog are available on the Support Blogging website. They are categorized into Principal Blogs and Administrator Blogs. If you are an administrator who blogs or know of one, please add their name and blog address to that Support Blogging wiki page!

If you’re looking for podcasting principals, I haven’t met or found many online yet, but I did find principal Melinda Miller several weeks ago. ( She’s up to five episodes! Give her a listen and then leave a comment! Her fifth episode includes a personal response to the following question, which administrators in Humble ISD (Houston, Texas) responded to in “Podcast158: Digitally Informed School Leadership for the 21st Century:”

As a campus principal or assistant principal, compose several sentences of ADVICE for a new teacher on your campus which relates to your expectations for their teaching. (Do this with a partner.) How do you want to see them teach and lead students, that may be different from a “traditional” lecture-based or primarily teacher-directed instructional model? How will technology fit into this recipe?

Melinda gives some great advice for new as well as experienced teachers in her podcast. How wonderful to HEAR an administrator using web 2.0 tools like podcasts! Go Melinda! Her blog is “The Principal Blog”. She is a school principal in Willard, Missouri.

Just like we need to spend some time edifying student bloggers, I think we should spend time edifying and providing feedback to administrators who are blogging, podcasting, and modeling other effective uses of interactive technologies!

Do you know any other principals or superintendents who are podcasting?

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6 Responses to Administrators Who Blog, Read Blogs, and Podcast

  1. Wes, the Around the Corner blog is my “professional learning” blog…my actual work blog is “A Flowing River” at

    I don’t advertise A Flowing River as much but I do use it in the district (and of course anyone can access it via the web).

    Best wishes,
    Miguel Guhlin
    Around the

  2. Wes,

    We are headed in that direction in White Oak ISD (TX). We should be good to go when school starts back up. We installed a Mac podcasting server and the superintendent is fired up. He is the type that wants to be the leader to show the teachers how easy it really is to do. I’ll let you know when we have it up and going. Thanks for the links in this blog to give him some encouragement as he starts up.

  3. Yikes! I just read the article! Thanks for the mention, Wes! Too kind of you to include me with all those other awesome folks!

    With appreciation,
    Miguel Guhlin

  4. Wesley Fryer says:

    As the guru of all knowledge related to educational technology, how could I NOT include you on that list, Miguel?! 😉

  5. Cheryl Davis says:

    Good information to pass on to our admins. Thanks. We also have a principal who started podcasting this year. Link to the site:
    It has been a wonderful way to connect with parents, staff and students. He plans to continue his Principal’s Podcast during the 07-08 school year.

    Cheryl Davis
    Miramonte High School

  6. Wesley Fryer says:

    Great, thanks for sharing that link Cheryl!

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