The conversations at the NECC 2007 blogger lounge and in the hallways have been the highlight of the conference so far for me. The keynote this morning was good, and I’m looking forward to hearing Tim Tyson tomorrow, but it has been SO wonderful to meet face-to-face and discuss / network / joke / laugh / learn with so many other passionate educators / edubloggers!

I posted about 20 more pictures to my Flickr set for NECC this evening, but one I want to mention briefly is the following. (Check out the NECC 2007 Flickr pool for more photos by others too.) I finally met Tony Vincent in person!

Tony Vincent and Wesley Fryer

Tony lives in Omaha, Nebraska, and is probably my #1 “Yoda” (mentor and model) for classroom podcasting, as the creative genius behind Radio WillowWeb at Willowdale Elementary School. Tony’s Learning in Hand website is the best treasure trove I’ve ever seen for help with using handhelds in the classroom with students as well as podcasting.

If your school or educational organization is looking for a dynamic speaker who is passionate about learning and the appropriate use of technology to engage students in the learning process, give Tony a call. He is THE MAN when it comes to classroom podcasting and handhelds. How exciting to meet him in person for the first time!

I’ve never met a Hollywood celebrity before in real life, but I’m not sure that experience could compare to these experiences at NECC, meeting great teachers, thinkers, and change agents who have had such a powerful effect on my own teaching and professional practice thanks to the resources and ideas they share online. 🙂

Tony was a 5th grade teacher and then a technology facilitator, but has changed roles (as of about a year ago) and is now a fulltime professional development consultant for schools. More info about Tony’s presentations and speaking schedule is available.

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