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I can hum, so I can find a mystery song

Wow. I am blown away. In a response to yesterday’s post “Challenging Internet search tasks,” Kern Kelley shared a link to The website describes the service the following way:

Search with your Voice: Search for music by singing or humming part of a song. All you need is a microphone.

Sounds too good to be true? Think again. I did a quick test, humming about 15 seconds of the the song I had been racking my brain (and searching the Internet) the past few days to discover the artist or song title. Results?

Successful test of the midomi website. Amazing!

First result is on the money. Song title: The Fratellis. Artist: Flathead.

I’m in awe. What are creative read/write web developers going to figure out how to do next using a web browser?!

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2 responses to “I can hum, so I can find a mystery song”

  1. James Avatar

    Not only that, but you also found a really great band. Their entire album is great, but the alternating 4:4 3:4 in the chorus of Flathead is really spectacular.

  2. […] 只要哼哼曲调,就能找到一首罕见的歌 我试了一下,五次尝试查出了两首歌。但这仅限于我--呵呵,人们总是祷告我别开口唱歌。这个服务还是很令人惊奇的。我想,Midomi是一个相当干净清爽的服务。甚至可以一定程度上识别我那五音不全的曲调。Wesley Fryer, Moving at the Speed of Creativity July 2, 2007 [原文链接] [Tags: æ— ] [参与评论] […]