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50 iPhone emails today

For some reason my iPhone didn’t want to turn on today, so I had to figure out (by reading some simple directions, it wasn’t hard) how to reset it this evening. (Didn’t have time during the day to mess with it.)

50 iPhone emails! Yikes!

Surprise, surprise– 50 new emails! Yikes! My iPhone has started to change my life for the better in several ways, principally by letting me keep my inbox clear during the day. Time to play catch-up now! 🙂

I snapped this picture with the iSight camera on my Macbook, added these annotations, and directly uploaded the image to Flickr in literally 60 seconds using Skitch. I love Skitch and my Mac hardware!!! Got ideas? Publish at will…..

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4 responses to “50 iPhone emails today”

  1. Danielle Abernethy Avatar

    I keep hearing all these wonderful things about Skitch, and I’ve signed up to Beta test it, but nothing yet. Glad you’re enjoying the iPhone!

  2. Michelle Gilmer Avatar

    I heard Kidd Kraddick on the radio the other day complain that you have to delete emails one at a time. Is that true?


  3. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Yes, you have to delete emails one at a time, but there is a faster way to do this than just opening each message. I created a screenshot with Skitch showing this:

    iPhone Email Deleting

    Also you can wipe across the message in the mailbox view and the delete icon will show up. If you have a lot of emails to delete, you can use the “edit” method I described in this annotated screen snap.

  4. Michelle Gilmer Avatar

    Thanks, Wes. Haven’t gotten mine yet – I definately have iPhone envy 🙂