I love this new Creative Commons film about working together!

I also love the website where I found it: dotSUB, an all-volunteer effort to encourage multi-language closed captioning of video content. Give the video a try: It is currently 100% available in 12 languages, and the German version is about one-third complete. Click the arrows near the lower right corner to choose your close-captioning language. VERY cool, and VERY practical. Got good ideas to share? Those ideas are MUCH more relevant to a wider audience if they are available in multiple languages!

I went ahead and posted (to dotSUB) our “Administrator Movie” we made at the University of Central Oklahoma in March this past year. I’ve been quite amazed for the past few months that a simple Google keyword search for “administrator movie” (without quotation marks) turns up the YouTube version of this video first out of 1.7 million hits, with my blog post about the movie 2nd! It will be interesting to see if any of the dotSUB community pick up on this video and offer transcriptions and translations! If no one else does a version in English, I may do one later to see how this process works.

Thanks to Darren Kuropatwa for alerting me to this project and site, as we discussed its implications for accessibility of presentations shared during the 2007 K-12 Online Conference this evening!

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  1. Nina Liakos says:

    I love Harry Potter too and enjoyed reading this post. I just have one tiny correction: the wizarding world does have an alternate news source– The Quibbler, edited by Luna Lovegood’s eccentric father. Everyone seems to think it publishes nothing but nonsense (kind of like a wizarding National Enquirer?), but it is the article which Rita Skeeter writes (under duress from hermione) for The Quibbler which gets harry’s side of the story out to the wizarding public.

    I presume you’ve finished book 7 by now–what did you think?

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