This is a useful trick I learned recently: iTunes (on both Windows and Macintosh platforms) includes built-in support for backing up all the songs and videos in your iTunes library to writeable media CDs or DVDs. This is ALWAYS a good idea, since hard drives can crash and laptops can be stolen… but this is also handy if you’re switching to a new computer. This even works for people who have been using a Windows-based PC and are moving to a Macintosh: The file format of the iTunes backup is fully compatible with either platform version of iTunes. To start the process, in iTunes from the FILE menu choose BACKUP TO DISC:

iTunes Backup

Then select what type of backup you’d like to make: full or partial:

iTunes Backup

I recently shared some how-to training with the daughter of a co-worker and her boyfriend, who just got new MacBooks for their freshman year at OSU. Moving their iTunes libraries from their old Windows-PCs to their Macbooks was one of the main topics of discussion! This method is great because it not only lets a person move their entire iTunes library to a different computer, but it also provides them with a removable media backup!

If you are a switcher, you might be interested in this linked list of non-standard Macintosh applications I currently use. Miguel Guhlin wrote a nice article in the last issue of the TechEdge, also, that includes application suggestions for Macintosh users / switchers. I am not finding it online yet, but I’m sure when its available Miguel will link it from his writings wiki. The Tao of Mac also has a nice (and free) Switcher’s Application Guide, which lists applications by function.

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  1. Thanks, Wes. These articles can be found here:


  2. mrsdurff says:

    Now ya tell me. I already lost the library twice because of iTunes backups…related to the not so beloved iPhone.

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