This podcast is a recording of the “It’s Elementary” webcast hosted by Lisa Durff, Jose Rodriguez. Alice Mercer, Maria Knee on the EdTechTalk channel of WorldBridges on Monday, August 13, 2007. Our topic was podcasting in the elementary classroom. We explored reasons to podcast, shared positive experiences with classroom podcasting, discussed examples of ways podcasting is being used to support learning by elementary students, and also shared tips and suggestions for making podcasting with elementary students a success. I was particularly enthused to learn how Maria has used her school district’s phone dialer system to publish her students’ podcasts (saved as WAV files) directly over the phone system to parents’ homes! The creative possiblities of podcasting continue to expand! The real key, as participants discussed, is putting the technology into THE HANDS OF THE STUDENTS and leveraging the power which podcasting can have to help students be motivated to learn and share their ideas with others. There is great value in RETELLING, and audio podcasting offers great opportunities for students to share what they know and have learned with others on the global stage.

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