This past weekend our three year old got a new haircut. With encouragement from Karen Montgomery, I’ve shared this experience as a 5 picture digital story on “Tell a Story in 5 Pictures for Educators” and now, on Voicethread!

Of course, the fact that this story is told by Rachel in her own words makes this story much more compelling than if I had tried to tell it verbally! 🙂

Please feel free to add your own comments and thoughts to this digital story– VoiceThread permits audio-interactivity!

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6 Responses to Getting a new haircut

  1. ahf says:

    Love, love, love it!

  2. Mrs. Green says:

    What a sweet story and a great idea! I just posted about this entry on my blog. I’m going to HAVE to do this this year…

    Great job!! *(n_n)*

  3. Mrs. Green says:

    whoops!! posted wrong blog address…i just switched a few days ago. sorry!!

  4. Ben says:


    I just had to comment on this! It is one of our best. Thank you so much!


  5. I think this is the perfect first day video for my high school class! I’m concerned about bandwidth issues at school. Is there anyway I can download this production, show your blog, but not have to rely on the live connection for sharing this project?
    Thank you so much for posting this!
    Imagine if this is what 5 year olds are being exposed to… well, our high schoolers better not get too confident on their own online ventures! It looks as though they have plenty to learn too!!

  6. Tracy Rosen says:

    I am loving VoiceThread since I discovered it about a month ago.

    I commented on Stephen Ransom’s blog about the fun factor in the technology and how important that is.

    The collaborative aspect, the depth in terms of learning styles that are accessed, the appealing nature of the design – all of that is pedagogically wonderful, and I think the fact that everyone I know who has used it so far has had fun while doing so can not be overlooked! When I am having fun I am retaining what I am learning and I know that is the same for the students and teachers I work with.

    Great haircut VoiceThread, Rachel!

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