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WordPress configuration details and Mac applications

I’ve added a variety of technical details about the blog software (WordPress) configuration I’m using including plugins to the “about page” of my blog. (Scroll down and look under the section subtitled “Some technical stuff about my blog.”)

In addition, I’ve updated my wiki list of Macintosh applications I currently have installed.

I added the blog plugin and other details in response to an email question I received from a teacher who is getting started blogging with WordPress. I maintain the list of Mac applications for my own reference (in the hopefully unlikely event I have a hard drive crash and have to re-install all my applications – I keep my documents backed up, but not applications) and to provide links to others using Mac computers in case this is of interest/helpful.

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One response to “WordPress configuration details and Mac applications”

  1. greg carroll Avatar

    WHY would you not back up applications? Are you insane?? – lol
    Seriously …. you need to add ‘superduper’ to your list. With a firewire drive on a mac you can make a bootable image of your entire HDD. This (FREE) piece of software has saved my bacon on more than one occasion. Having a bootable image also means you can run off a borrowed machine, using the FW drive, and continue working. Then re-image back to your own computer and you are off again.
    As a principal I cannot afford to spend a day or two reinstalling and upgrading the 90-100 odd applications I have and use, even if only occasionally, when a HD fails. They ALL fail – it is only time
    Check out AppFresh too – checks you have the latest versions of software. Like you I have a long list of applications and this is great for making sure I am on top of updates.

    Thanks for the list of Apps though. A good list!!