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50 Web 2.0 Ways To Tell a Story

If the information landscape has seasons, this should definitely be considered spring in the sense that SO MUCH is growing and proliferating. The 2007 K-12 Online Conference starts its first regular week on Monday, and it is going to be AMAZING. As a co-convener, I’ve been able to preview several of the presentations. Wow am I ever impressed! I’m dying to blog and share via digital storytelling tools (probably VoiceThread) about my learning points, but I’ll hold off until the presentations I’ve seen are actually published on the web.

I will note, however, that Alan Levine’s previously posted “50 Web 2.0 Ways To Tell a Story” project is just amazing. That’s right, 50 different web 2.0 tools for digital storytelling, and 50 different versions of the same story Alan has created using those tools. Hopefully at least some of these storytelling options are not blocked in your school district!

The ways in which web 2.0 communication tools permit us to connect to the creative minds of others is just amazing. I just showed my mom and sister how to use for the first time this week, I hadn’t realized they didn’t know about social bookmarking and weren’t using it. It was exciting to introduce them to such a useful tool which literally offers thousands of potential “rabbit holes” of personally relevant information. (For more on, see my recent article “Social Bookmarks 101.”) It’s always energizing to share a powerful ideas with others when they really have personal “a-ha” moments!

While I’d like to be blogging more now, I have multiple writing assignments for the K12Online conference which require more immediate attention, as well as some more file conversion responsibilities for presenters in my strand. Next week, as in the K-12 Online Conference in 2006, we are going to see an EXPLOSION of fantastic content and ideas. The season of the “ideological spring” for K-12 professional development has definitely “sprung” for me!

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  1. Janetta Garton Avatar

    I just realized you are presenting the Digital Music Creation session I’m registered for at MITC2007. I can’t believe I missed that during the registration process. I’m looking forward to learning with you and hope to shake your hand. You are an inspiration.

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