The “Daily Motivator” quotation from Ralph Marston on October 3, 2007 resonates with me:

Do you understand where you are right now? You are in a place, a time, and a set of circumstances toward which you’ve been moving your entire life.
Do you realize the enormous opportunity that now exists? You are more experienced and better prepared than ever before.

Each past failure is now a positive and valuable lesson that you’ve learned about what works and what doesn’t. All the disappointments you’ve ever known have now combined together to create a powerful and meaningful determination that permeates your life.

By this point in your life, your dreams and desires are more in line with who you truly are than they’ve ever been before. And now you’re perfectly positioned to actually achieve them.

Do you realize how truly unique and powerful this very moment is? This is the moment when you can begin to fulfill your greatest possibilities.

This is the moment you’ve been working your way toward for a long time. You are here at last, so fill your world with the lifetime of richness that you’re able to give.

In a world filled with people who say “sometime I hope,” “maybe next year I can,” “if only I could,” and “yeah but I can’t because” these words speak to my heart.

Seize the day! You’ve likely never been better prepared to face and leverage both the challenges as well as the opportunities of this day.

Thanks for the inspirational words, Dad! šŸ™‚

Carpe Diem

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