The FREE 2007 K-12 Online Conference is off to a great start. We know this based on the feedback shared via comments on the main conference blog, but the statistics from our ClustrMap as well as Feedburner feeds also show lots of folks are participating. Here are a few highlights.

To put this in perspective, in the 2006 conference we estimate over 54,000 people participated based on the web server statistics from William and Mary. That number covered the entire three weeks of the conference: the initial pre-conference week and both regular weeks. This year we’ve hit the same number of participants on day 2 of the first regular conference week.

This is the ClustrMap after Day 1 of the conference, showing 44,046 total visits to the main conference site since mid-September:

Day 1: K12Online Conference 2007

The ClusterMap after day 2 (it’s delayed 1 day, so this was actually captured this morning) shows 54,445 visitors. That’s 10,390 more than on day 1:

Day 2: K12Online Conference 2007

Now, we can’t assume all these hits correlate to different people. The ClustrMap is created by IP address hits, and there are plenty of spambot computers hitting blog sites… It’s doubtful 10,000 new spambots hit the K-12 Online Conference site yesterday, however. We’ll likely have better stats from the W&M server, but these initial statistics are impressive. How big is the Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC) each year? NECC had about 18,000 attendees last year. I think it’s safe to say the K-12 Online Conference already is or is on the way to becoming the largest and best-attended education conference in the world. Does anyone know if there are education conferences with attendances greater than 18,000 today?

Here are a few more statistics from Feedburner for the first two days. These numbers do NOT include people who are clicking links from the blog posts to download and play presentations, these statistics are just for people accessing presentations via the podcast channels.

Feedburner stats for K12Online07 Day 1

K12Online07 Audio Feed Subscribers

Subscribers on Oct 16, 2007 to the main K12Online07 blog feed

Lots of great content and lots of great participation!

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One Response to K12Online07: Some Initial Statistics

  1. vejraska says:

    Thanks for the stats. It is truly amazing! The one thing I have noticed about my own participation is that I find it harder to commit to participating…when I actually GO somewhere to a conference, I leave behind my sub plans, my students, and my family and totally immerse myself in learning. This conference is different, in that I still have to teach, be a mom, etc. and then find time to learn-BUT what is totally awesome is of course the fact that your podcasts will be there forever, and I will listen to all of them..even if it takes me until the end of August;) Thanks so much for that part of it- I can’t wait for my next 8 hour car ride to Nebraska- me, my ipod, and 8 solid hours of PD!

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