Today is the final day of new presentations in the 2007 K-12 Online Conference, but the learning opportunities and connections are really just beginning. All 41 presentations from the 2007 conference will remain available online indefinitely, hosted by the College of William and Mary, joining the 41 presentations from the 2006 conference which also remain online. Teachers can earn free professional development credit for participation in each session of the 2007 conference, and we will be adding links to sessions from the 2006 conference to the Professional Development Tracker Database in upcoming weeks. K-12 Online is a wonderful learning opportunity for many reasons, but the most important (in my view) is the chance it affords to make connections with other educators around the world.

Please mark your calendars for this evening, afternoon or morning (depending on where you live in the world) for the start of “When Night Falls,” the culminating 24 hour live event of the conference. The official start time is 12:00 AM Saturday, October 27 GMT. (That is 7 pm US Central time for me here in Oklahoma.) Everyone is invited to join in LIVE discussions via Elluminate for as much of the event as you can arrange in your schedule, and negotiate time with others in your family and life! I’m not sure all the times I’ll be dropping in, but I plan to join in the dialog at several points.

More detailed information is available on the “When Night Falls” page of the conference wiki. I’m enthused about the WNF Photo Flickr pool, which is new this year. The pool shows sunset and evening scenes at a variety of locations around the world where conference participants live. There are already 40 pictures in the collection and I’m sure we’ll see many more added in the next few days. Like all events in the K-12 Online Conference, you are invited to not only watch and “consume” ideas shared during this event but also actively PARTICIPATE! Join us in Elluminate for “When Night Falls” this weekend!

gathering around the fire

Educators from around the world are gathering around virtual campfires to tell stories and swap ideas. Join the conversations!

gathering around the fire

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