Yesterday’s TechForum in Austin was a lot of fun, not only because there were lots of past as well as new acquaintances to visit with and meet, but also because the event provided my first opportunity to use To follow the blog posts and flickr images related to the conference, visit David Warlick’s updated Hitchhikr page for the conference.

After being encouraged by David Jakes and Miguel Guhlin the night before the conference, I decided to try and “live stream” my keynote address as well as subsequent break-out session with Miguel over the Internet using Ustream. I had seen Will Richardson use Ustream briefly a few weeks ago, but hadn’t actually set up an account our tried it before Thursday night. Just prior to the keynote I activated the live stream to test settings. Audio was sending fine, but no video. I activated the built-in chat channel, and Jennifer Wagner (from California) provided me with just-in-time tech support to configure my video settings. One setting change (which is detailed in the Ustream FAQ for iSight cameras on MacBook laptops, I later saw) and all was running!

I’m not sure how many people ended up being in the keynote session via IP-TV, but we were up to at least 23 people during the breakout session with Miguel. During that second session we did make an effort to field questions not only from the local audience, but also the remote audience. This was truly an experience in blended and distributed learning!

I recorded both of these live recordings, and am embedding them below in case you want to watch them. These are, of course, unedited, and my first attempt at a live webcast from a conference using Ustream, so please forgive what I am sure will be an amateur level of video quality. If you viewed this Ustream presentation live, I’d love to know who you are, where you were when you viewed the preso, and what you thought of the experience.

I am going to try and capture these videos offline and share them as video podcasts. I’m not sure how long Ustream will host these presentation files online for free. All this live webcasting and recording with was completely free, btw. Here are the two archived webcasts:

TechForum07 Keynote: So the World is Flat – Now What?
Presentation Slides (17 MB PDF) archived video recording (Length: 79:20)
– Embedded version:

TechForum07 Breakout session with Miguel Guhlin: Empowering and Protecting Tomorrow’s Digital Citizens
– Presentation slides (links coming) archived video recording (Length: 72:56)
– Embedded version:

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9 Responses to Archived Keynote and Co-Presentation with Miguel

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  2. Wes, it was fun and I’m glad my Macbook served a higher purpose than me just taking notes–working as a uStream station!

    It was fun co-facilitating a session with you…it’s been too long. And, I have to admit, I’m also grateful you’ve posted this since I was dreading editing the 75 meg audio recording.

    BTW, my name is linked to Jakes Online web site….

    Take care,
    Miguel Guhlin
    Around the

  3. Oops…my preso and materials for this presentation are linked here:

    Take care,

  4. Wesley Fryer says:

    It was fun Miguel, we should do it more often! I fixed the link to your blog– sorry about that! Thanks for the link to your preso materials! 🙂

  5. Ian says:

    Hi Wes!

    This may be a bit off topic but I had a question about conferences. I hear vague snatches of conversations on blogs about this or that conference on educational technology but I don’t really know anything specific about them. Maybe one reason is that I am in Canada and don’t hear about the different conferences available on educational technology. I was wondering if you might take a moment and do a post on the different conferences available and what sort of areas they cover. I would be very interested in knowing what is out there in terms of the big conferences and even which ones you think are the really good ones to attend.


  6. Wesley Fryer says:

    Ian, I would be glad to post what I know about educational conferences in the U.S. For now, I’ll refer you (and others who are interested) to The Conference Calendar which is maintained by “The Journal.” It is the most comprehensive listing of educational conferences maintained online that I’m aware of. I will work up a post on conferences soon that I’ll share soon as well.

  7. James Sigler says:


    I enjoyed watching your presentation. I tried watching your Ustream about 8:30, but I wasn’t getting anything. So I watched it tonight instead. I’ve listened to all of your podcasts, but I think is the first time I’ve seen a video of your presentation. It cut off the top of your head part of the time and I couldn’t really see the videos. However, the presentation was great and seeing your body language with your voice did add a new dimension. I still like listening to your podcasts on my mp3 player while working in the yard, which I can’t do with a video. Since you’re on video, does this make you a movie star? Don’t let it go to your head. 🙂

    James Sigler
    What is School 2.0?

  8. Wesley Fryer says:

    No James, I certainly don’t think being on Ustream qualifies anyone as a movie star! Glad to know you were able to view the archived recording. I do plan to publish the audio-only recorded version of that presentation on my podcast channel. Since the recorded video isn’t really super I’m not sure about trying to record and re-publish a video version… I don’t really think at this point it would be worthwhile. I’m curious to find out how long Ustream will archive those videos online. This was an interesting experiment. Thanks for tuning in and sharing the feedback. 🙂

  9. JenWagner says:

    Hey Wes —

    It was great to see you on on Friday…….also Miguel, David, etc etc…………

    In regards to the question asked about Educational Conferences……… can also go to David Warlick’s hitchhkr site — and search on the ALL CONFERENCES tab for a pretty up-to-date listing of conference options too.

    Again — it was great to see you….

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