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Thinking Coffee 2.0

Vicki Allen created a clever VoiceThread with Houston-area teachers last week on the theme “Coffee 2.0.” (She borrowed the idea from Karen Montgomery.) Are you ever intimidated by the six-part Starbucks coffee orders some people give you? I am. My wife’s preferred order (“grande skinny decaf latte with two sweet and lows”) is really tame compared to some orders I’ve heard. This VoiceThread plays off these types of requests. Vicki used this to encourage teachers to think about web 1.0 versus web 2.0, learning 1.0 versus learning 2.0, classroom 1.0 versus classroom 2.0, etc.

Nice work teachers! 🙂







One response to “Thinking Coffee 2.0”

  1. J.D. Williams Avatar

    I saw this link: on dy/dan’s blog that might be helpful with a coffee guide.

    I’ve started using VoiceThread with my students quite a bit and they seem to really like using it.