I have posted a new VoiceThread including narrated images taken today on December 3, 2007, on Ford Island in the center of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Visit our project blog on okwwii.wetpaint.com for information about how you can view as well as participate in our live videoconferences and webcasts this coming Thursday and Friday from Ford Island, as the USS Oklahoma Memorial is dedicated.

If you have feedback or comments on any of the ideas shared in this VoiceThread, feel free to share them directly as comments within the VoiceThread or as comments to this blog post.

More photographs from Ford Island today are available in this Flickr set.

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2 Responses to VoiceThread from Ford Island

  1. Heather Ross says:

    Wes, this is an amazing VoiceThread. Thanks so much for putting this together.

    I was at the Arizona Memorial a few years ago and it was a truly humbling experience. I understand that the Oklahoma Memorial is located where the ship was docked, but given the limited access to Ford Island, how difficult will it be for people to see the individual markers to for the men who died on that ship? Will it be more like the Utah memorial, which can only be seen by military personnel and those they are escorting?

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Yes Heather, unfortunately the USS Oklahoma Memorial will be similar to the Utah Memorial from the standpoint of access. One difference, however, is that the tour buses which take people to the USS Missouri on Ford Island pass right by the USS Oklahoma Memorial. So it will be much more visible to the general public than the memorial to the USS Utah is currently. We visited the Arizona Memorial today and I took both photos and video. I am working on some video podcasts now which I’ll be posting shortly.

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