Our ODLP (Oklahoma Digital Learning Project) team is still in Honolulu, but we are leaving in about an hour for the airport. I’ve spent several hours this morning and afternoon importing the video of the entire USS Oklahoma Memorial dedication yesterday at Pearl Harbor from the DV camera onto a hard drive. I’ll then be compressing and sending this video to OETA so they can break it into different segments and post it online. It is also possible we may (or they may) create a DVD of this entire ceremony, which those in attendance as well as others may want.

Before leaving Ford Island (Pearl Harbor) yesterday I edited and uploaded two different video clips, which are now on the NewsOK.com website for the Oklahoma World War II Voices project.

This first clip is just over six minutes long, and is some highlight footage I actually shot on my own Sony DV camera. I had thought this would potentially be used as “B roll” images in a narrated newscast, but it’s actually online just as I submitted it:

The other video we uploaded and shared yesterday is this segment of pre- and post-dedication interviews, which is over 17 minutes long.

I edited this quickly in iMovie and added some titles for each segment. One of the segments (I think it is the third one) is actually of our Oklahoma governor, Brad Henry. I didn’t shoot this video, it was shot by OETA videographer Boots Kennedye. It was (and is) a real thrill to have been able to help in a small way document this event and share video footage of it back with students and others in Oklahoma– and elsewhere connecting to these videos over the web!

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6 Responses to Videos of yesterday’s USS Oklahoma Memorial Dedication

  1. Fred R. Crowder says:

    This video is a tribute to those lost with my uncle(FC1 Samuel Warwick Crowder). I was unable to attend
    the dedication but this gives me a little closure of the loss of Uncle samuel. I never had met
    him but my father told me about him and how he died and he was the reason I enlisted in the Navy back in
    1970 and served until August 2000.

    The memorial is beautiful and I hope to visit it this next year


    Fred R. Crowder
    Nephew of FC1 Samuel W. Crowder(USS Oklahoma casualty)

  2. Fred R. Crowder says:

    I want to follow-up on my previous comment. The memorial appears to be extremely beautiful from what I have seen on
    this website. My entire family and my one of my Kentucky cousins attnded the dedication and stated that it was an
    extremely experience. Whoever took the video of the white pillars(which represent sailors manning the rails of a ship)
    had zoomed in on my uncle FC1 Samuel Warwick Crowder’s pillar. This “wow’d” me when I seen it. I am in the process of contacting several cousins and siblings for them to look at these videos. A “Bravo Zulu” to WHOEVER took the video and thanks you so much.

    Fred R. Crowder

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  4. Wesley Fryer says:

    I (Wesley Fryer) actually took the video segment including the zoom onto your uncle’s pillar, Fred. I am so happy to know you have found this video and made this connection. The memorial was very well thought-out and constructed. It is a fitting tribute, and a very meaningful one. I have posted photos from our 5 days in Hawaii and Pearl Harbor to Flickr, and some additional photos of the USS Oklahoma Memorial are available there. I will be posting additional VoiceThread digital stories about the memorial and this digital learning project here in the days ahead. Thank you so much for sharing your comment and thank you. You are MOST welcome. Being a “digital witness” to the memorial dedication events last week is the least I can do.

  5. taf says:

    Fred Crowder’s comments are an excellent witness to the power of being a “Digital Witness”. What a powerful experience.

  6. Fred R. Crowder says:

    Again, another follow-up and correction. Just one of our family of FC1 Samuel W. Crowder was able to attend. Somehow I typed in that we all attended. We all wich we could have. I have told several of my cousins of the video and we are so very pleased about
    seeing it on the web. I also have shown it to several coworkeds. The memorial has (as I have stated) some closure to his death and the attack on Pearl Harbor.Wesley, Again you have made our day.

    Fred Russell Crowder

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