Dreaming of a 1:1 learning environment with a supportive administration and good pay to boot? Consider the Korea International School in Seoul, South Korea. Clay Burell has put out a call, writing:

“Teacher 2.0” types are eagerly sought. We’ve got the machines; now we need the visionaries and teachergeeks. The pay is better by far than anything in America, public or private. Good savings potential. Housing and travel back to the your home country (does not have to be the US) each summer is paid. Salary is competitive. So are health and dental. Unfiltered network. High bandwidth. Motivated students. Small classrooms (max 20/per). Little to no discipline problems. Very friendly administration and great resources. And a chance to live in the most amazing continent on the planet (I’ve traveled most of them): Asia.

Sounds quite inviting! The only problem I can readily identify is that their HR page doesn’t appear to render/display at all in the Safari web browser. Works fine in Firefox, however. Strange. Maybe it’s my browser.

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