If you’re looking for some holiday reading related to digital learning, check out this great set of free ebooks from MIT Press Journals and the MacArthur Foundation Series on Digital Media and Learning.

Thanks to Nancy McKeand, via Clarence Fisher, via Danah Boyd, for this link!

What is this virtual breadcrumb trail of attribution called? I’ve heard the term before but I forgot it.

The article “Digital Media and Youth: Unparalleled Opportunity and Unprecedented Responsibility” by Andrew J. Flanagin and Miriam J. Metzger is going to be first on my list from this set. Anyone know of a good software tool (preferably free and Mac compatible) that can be used to annotate PDF files? I used to have the full version of Adobe Reader but don’t anymore… I have PDF Pen, but I don’t think it’s really setup for annotations. PDF Studio looks good but it costs $60. Skim is open source and looks like it might fit the bill. I just hate to print this and make my notes with pen in the margin, but without a good digital annotation alternative…..

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4 Responses to Great holiday reading on digital learning

  1. Hi Wes,
    FYI, I posted a summary on the MacArthur series on Digital Media and Learning. It’s Not Your Father’s Internet Anymore or A Framework for the Emerging Field of Study Examining the Effects of Digital Media on Learning and Youth http://tinyurl.com/33wpew

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Excellent Dennis, thanks. I’ll check that out. These articles look pretty academic but also applicable- your summaries will help.

  3. Rodd Lucier says:

    Hi Wesley,

    I use the PDF viewer provided free on my Mac to do annotations. I’m sure it’s more limited than what you’re looking for, but you can’t beat free…


  4. E Helfant says:

    Skim is a mac pdf annotator that might work for you..

    Thanks for the link…off to read and to listen to your 1:1 podcast (a link from twitter) We decide the 1:1 question in Jan.

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