My son and I recorded a podcast interview today in Garageband using two different USB microphones at the same time. We had not ever done this before, but learned how by using this YouTube video from MacMost as well as this Apple Garageband support article.

We’ll be posting this podcast here later today, which lasted 40 minutes. I learned a lot about playing Travian after interviewing him, as well as gained more insight about the “academic skills” developed through Travian gameplay.

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4 Responses to Recording with multiple mics in Garageband

  1. Wes- this is great…is the multiple USB mic function only available using Leopard?

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Ken: I don’t think so, Garageband has allowed users to simultaneously record up to eight different MIDI inputs since the beginning, as far as I know, so I expect this does NOT require Leopard. The video does reference the “Audio MIDI Setup” application, however, which is found in Applications – Utilities in Leopard. I just have a Leopard machine with me now, so I can’t check if that program is available on older versions of the OS. Alexander is still running OS 10.3 Leopard on his laptop, so when I get home tomorrow I’ll check and see if that application is also available there. I’m 95% sure this is doable on pre-Leopard Macs.

  3. Wes- thanks for the quick reply. I’ve done multiple mics/tracks in Garageband using a MOTU firewire interface, but the idea of being able to plug in 2 separate USB mics into our MacBooks at school for my students would be an ideal set-up. I’ve never thought of doing it that way. I’ll try it out at school and see if it works in OSX 10.4.11

  4. AllanahK says:

    Hi Wes

    I have been using Singstar microphones to get that left and right channel thing going when we try an interview type podcast.

    That seems to work quite well as well.

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