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Convert WMV files to MOV free

I was delighted to discover the free software utility program “Prism Video Converter” today for Windows, which can convert Windows Media Video (.wmv) files to QuickTime movie (.mov) formatted files for use in podcast channels. What I do NOT know yet is if the settings I used for encoding and the output size will be compatible on an iPod or iPhone.

Video encoder settings for Prism Software

Video Output Options for Prism Software

Previously I’ve used the free Jodix WMV to iPod converter (which I have linked on my intro to podcasting workshop curriculum) but for some reason, the latest version of the Jodix converter only converted the first seven seconds of the WMV file with which I’m working. Not sure what the problem is, but I’m glad to discover Prism. The same software company that makes Prism offers free Switch software for audio file converting, which I use with my Olympus WS-110 Voice Recorder to convert Windows Media Audio (WMA) files into 32 kbps mp3 files for audio podcasts. Switch is available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms, Prism appears to only be available for Windows.

On the Macintosh side for WMV file converting for podcasts, I like the free program iSquint. I think both iSquint and Prism use the same free encoding tools as ffmpegX, which is another free converter for the Macintosh OS.

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8 responses to “Convert WMV files to MOV free”

  1. Andy Avatar

    You may also find MediaCoder ( ) interesting. It’s free/open source software, built for Windows but runs under Wine on Linux or Mac OS okay. Basically just uses ffmpeg or mplayer as a backend (same encoder as iSquint and ffmpegX), but comes with a lot of presets, some batching options, and the like. Oh, and it’s a decent graphical interface. The only catch is that it tends to like to ask for donations before you can start it up, though I think you can disable that. It does have iPod/PSP compatibility modes, and possibly iPhone support too (haven’t updated my copy recently).

  2. Nick Pernisco Avatar

    There are several online media converters that can do this for you now. One is Media-Convert:

  3. Ann Avatar

    I use MelodyCan ( It converts different audio & video file formats. Such as wma, wmv, m4v, mov, aac, ra, aa, mp4, snd, aif, m4p, rax, wav, ogg etc. Moreover MelodyCan converts audio books, any format Media Player, any format QuickTime Player, any format Rhapsody or RealPlayer supports. It`s very simple to use. Now I can download YouTube files to my PC with MelodyCan YouTubeRipper.

  4. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Ann: It appears you work for or are otherwise affiliated with MelodyCan. The program does offer a free trial, but not a free version like Switch, iSquint, the Jodix converter, or the Prism converter. Also, MelodyCan is Windows-only. You might add to the website (or suggest that others add) information about system requirements, including the fact that Windows is the only platform supported. There are quite a few of us out here that use Macs, so that is helpful information to know up front.

    Also, since malware for Windows computers (but not Macs) is a BIG problem and security concern, I would recommend you add links to outside, reputable groups or agencies that have verified your software is malware/virus free. Links to reviews of your software by CNet or other well known third party software evaluators would also be helpful. I found some links and write-ups about MelodyCan from Technorati as well as Google, but based on my cursory review I didn’t see any blog sites or other sites I recognized. The highest authority of any blog with a link to MelodyCan is 19 on Technorati, which is NOT very high. This does not mean MelodyCan isn’t a good program, but not finding it on a reputable site like Download .com (as I did NOT on a search today) is a suspicious sign.

    The type of checking, review, and reliability verification I’m describing above is ESSENTIAL for people to do for any third-party software they download and try, or recommend. This is particularly true for Windows-based systems, which are the most security vulnerable and malware prone operating systems “out there,” but also true for users with other operating systems.

    Based on my cursory searches for MelodyCan this morning, I am NOT comfortable recommending this software to others. I have not used it personally, and I cannot readily find reliable websites online which vouch that the software is malware free. I read this article yesterday talking about continuing malware problems with some MySpace profiles. While that article is not directly related in any way I know of to MelodyCan, it does highlight the danger and threat posted by malware generally and this is something that should be taken VERY seriously by everyone.

    If anyone out there has experience with MelodyCan, besides Ann or others that are formally affiliated with the company and program, please share them, as well as links to reviews of the program by reputable third-party software reviewers. Providing this type of scrutiny of web claims is an important part of the constructive roles which new media/blog authors are playing in our information landscape. If you have information on this, please contribute! 🙂

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  6. Tiffany Carter Avatar

    Thanks for this, however: when I installed it I deselected the additional NCH software it wanted me to add, and upon trying to convert a file it went ahead and installed a bunch of crapware (the aforementioned NCH software suite). How disgusting, how lame 🙁 I hope it’s easy to remove.

  7. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Ugh, sorry to hear this 🙁

    I wish there were other alternatives… Switch is the best option I’ve seen and found to date for this. Please let me know if you (or others) find other free options. It would be great if someone would start an open source audio converting app.

  8. Tiffany Carter Avatar

    Yeah, I can’t believe companies are still pulling this kind of applesauce–I mean, everyone hates it and them for it. Why can’t they just act right?

    I did find something good that suited my purposes! Freemake.

    I found it through this Reddit thread, and it offers a few more suggestions:

    Cheers 🙂