Moving at the Speed of Creativity by Wesley Fryer

Reflections on Dr. King’s Dream

During my breakout sessions today at the STARtech conference in Salina, Kansas, I invited participants to reflect on the meaning of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream for them today: At their school, in their community, in their own context. I used the first image of Dr. King included on his current WikiPedia page, and then we shared some reflections using VoiceThread. For the first time, I used my new M-Audio Producer microphone on a Windows XP computer as a microphone, as well as VoiceThread’s “record via cell phone” feature. The producer worked GREAT, sound quality was clear and we didn’t need to make any modifications to the default settings. The record via cell phone worked well too, but the audio quality was noticably poorer. VoiceThread provides 3 free minutes of recording via cell phone, but I went ahead and paid $10 for an additional hour of recording time on my account so I can use this more in future workshops. I’m not sure if the free VoiceThread account for educators includes unlimited cell phone calling or not. We worked on this digital story both during my morning session on VoiceThread and my afternoon session about using cell phones as classroom learning tools.

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